As Christians we’re called to be constantly renewing our minds in order to know God’s ways and his will for our lives (Rom 12:2). The primary way this renewal takes place is through the study of Scripture. At the Union Chapel we’re always looking for new and engaging ways to help people grow in their understanding of the Bible and theology. To that end, we’re starting something called Sunday Seminars. This is not another church service but rather an opportunity to participate in more informal and interactive seminars that will equip you to grow in your knowledge of God and of his Word.


The Sunday Seminars take place at the church every Sunday evening (5-6pm) during term time.


Ordinarily, there are 2 streams of seminars for anyone to attend, the first stream covers foundational topics and the second stream engages in deeper inductive Bible study. 

During the month of March, however, we’ll running a single study, Sex in the City.

Many people think they already know what Christianity’s take on sex is, yet few can tell you what the Bible actually says. In this three part series we’ll investigate what Scripture says about sex, marriage, and singleness. Join us as we explore these topics together. You might be both deeply surprised, challenged, liberated, and comforted by what Scripture really says about sex in our city


We’d love for you to sign up and join this seminar. You can do so clicking the button below.

Sex in the City