Join us on Sunday evenings at 5pm as we examine the life and claims of the most influential of men

It wouldn’t be difficult to make the historical case that Jesus of Nazareth, a first century Jewish messiah – from an obscure town in obscure province within the Roman Empire – is perhaps the most influential man who ever lived. Today there are approximately 2.4 billion people who identify as followers of his – as Christians. That’s serious influence. And yet as influential as he’s been, there’s still a lot of confusion in our contemporary culture as to who he truly was, what he taught, and what he did.

In this series we want to try and help you uncover Jesus as we find him in one of the earliest historical biographies of his life, the Gospel of Mark. Perhaps you’re not sure what you think Jesus. Perhaps you have questions about him. Join us over several weeks of “Uncovering Jesus”, bring your questions, and bring a willingness to be surprised, challenged, and perhaps even changed by this most influential of men.

Starts 14 July.

  1. A Big Deal (Mark 1:1-13) –  JULY 21
  2. The Heart of the Issue (Mark 2:1-12) – JULY 28
  3. Rest from Religion (Mark 2:23-3:6) – AUG 4
  4. Drawing Lines (Mark 4:1-20) – AUG 11
  5. Why Die? (Mark 8:27-33) – AUG 18
  6. Lose Yourself (Mark 8:34-38) – AUG 25
  7. The Cup and the Sword (Mark 14:32-52) – SEP 1
  8. What Good Did It Do? (Mark 15:33-39) – SEP 8

What to expect

The programme consists of a 30-minute talk, followed by a time of Q&A where you can ask anything you want related to the topics discussed.

Drinks & snacks from 5pm.
The Union Chapel, 60 Kloof St, Gardens.

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